Aasiya Enterprises — fraud loan company


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I got message from aashiya enterprises regard we provide loan for low interest they asked me please provide you documents scan copy we will check and update further, they called again we have checked your documents and cibil score it’s excellent we can able to provide loan to you upto 300, 000 lakhs.


If you need 300, 000 lakh loan you have to pay loan processing charges immediately, so i planned after ok i can pay the amount i urgently needed the money, they called again if you paying today you will get money in your account tomorrow morning so i paid amount totally 3000.


Today i called company employee was start to speak roothly i shocked i paid money he was speaking so i desided they are fake loan company.


Dear guys please don’t invest money in this aashiya enterprises company, bank account details below:

Bank: ICICI Bank

Account Holder name: Aasiya Enterprises

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