Airtel slow and erratic web association


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Dear Sir, 

I am victimization web knowledge card of Airtel vide my mobile number. For the last one month I even have been facing downside concerning speed and property in web. I even have filed many complaints concerning my downside however despite of many assurance no remedial measures are taken by the corporate. they need a typical format of reply that they seem to be causing to each client within which they claim that they did not contact the client however the very fact is that I receive many calls however just one occasion they known as Maine to inform that they’re doing their best to resolve my downside. What I will do with their best if it’s not adequate for me?

Despite of paying for the services beforehand, I even have to travel enter web restaurant  to try and do necessary mailing. have suffered in terms of your time and cash with none respite.

Please intervene within the matter at earliest.


, Monalisha 5 years 0 Answers 172 views 0

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