Aviva Life Insurance Company India forcing me to pay money


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On 4 th jan i get a call from isha verma. Telling me about the form filling job.

O 1200 forms will be provided to you that you have to complete in 12 days.

O per correct form you will get 25 rs so max. Earning can be (30000).

O no preregistration fees, fees will be deducted from your final salary.

O terms and conditions :

O you must have to complete and submit the work.

O must have to achieve 91.66 % accuracy (1100 forms must be correct).

O if work completed and successfully submitted and achieved 91.66% accuracy also then you don’t have to pay any amount, company will pay full salary after deducting 4600 rs from your salary.

O if unable to complete and submit the work or unable to achieve accuracy then company will not pay any amount, you have to pay 4600 as a registration fees.

This massage send. After submitting the work. The pdf file could not generate. I inform on their mail id.. Bt there is no response.. There help line numbers are also. Not also. Responding.

They are threating me to pay. 10050 +3590 please help me they are threating me.

When i googled about it. This company its fake company. No registration..

The person who contact me is isha verma contact no is.

I had a call from advocate

Legal notice..

Please help me with that…

They are threating me

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