Axis Bank credit card issued without any consent


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Want immediately close credit card.. I v tried to close for a year now no one is helping not even bank itself. If action not taken i ll close my saving account too n never recommend axis bank.. It’s better u ppl beg.. Or steal. Having such policy. Mto harassing customer… Big shame.. To sell credit card bank losing it’s reputation

I v been chasing s lot to cancel the card seems they don’t want to colse.. Account..

I went to speak manger they said can’t help it’s different department

Now when we call customer service there is long hold

One day i kept trying in front of bank employee.

Whole day gone

Secondly they say it’s toll free number.. But they charge call rate i’m customer service call.

Mean they are making money there too

We r left with in resolved

N showing payment dues

Need when we r asking b to close or block the card it should be initiate immediately

But process is so tedious one can’t get it n had to pay money.. It’s cheating on customer

Bank repuy is on stake it’s happening with all most evenyon

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