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Sir I write this letter to axis bank on Dec 2017 when my accounts has positive balance. When I ask them y my account is still active. They told me that if u don’t use ur account more than six month it will be automatically deactivate. But still my account is activated .what to do I don’t know. Who will help me even I don’t know


Letter delivered on Dec 2017


Dear sir/madam

I m client of axis bank Baranagar branch.i av my current account

I want to surrender my account n EdC machine but bank refused to received surrender letter .they send a merchant department boy to received complaints from me . Even that I m waiting for to pick my machine n surrender my account from 30 days .I m tired to visit ur branch again n again .plz take some action .TID 40311940 n MID

Plz help

Amit Shaw

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    I am also facing this problem

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