Axis Bank Home Loan Horrible experience with axis bank’s home loan…


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


This is Deepak from Bangalore . I restricted myself for a long time from writing this mail to you. But, when I didn’t see any response and accountability from Axis Bank, I could no longer wait.


This all started sometime in March this year. I booked a flat in an apartment in Bangalore and was given the contact of Mr. Amit Sharma ([protected]) from Analytical Investments (for AXIS BANK) by the builder. Mr. Amit met me and I explained him my salary, expenses and other expense details, based on which, he confirmed me that I have the eligibility of 23 lacs. Since this amount was sufficient for me to go ahead, I proceeded with an understanding that eligibility is already assessed. Amit told me that one of his colleague will come to take the documents and cheque for processing fee for this home loan. Then, I was approached by Mr. Murugesh ([protected]), who came and collected my documents as well as the cheque of Rs. 5618 for the processing fee. I didn’t hesitate in giving the cheque since Mr. Amit had already confirmed me about my eligibility. Mr. Murugesh took all these and went back. The verification process started and I waited for long time thinking that everything is going on well. Within a couple of days, I saw that my bank account was debited with the cheque that I provided to AXIS Bank for Rs. 5618. This gave me more confidence that everything is going on well.


Suddenly, one day I got a letter at my home address stating that AXIS Bank can’t provide the loan to me. This was a shock. There was no reason mentioned in the letter. I called AXIS Bank’s office and talked to Ms. Renu ([protected], landline –[protected]. She said that the letter was sent by mistake and they are still working on the loan process. Later, she called me up and to my surprise; she said that my eligibility is not there for the loan. I was taken aback. This comment came from AXIS Bank even though Mr. Amit had already told me that I had eligibility of 23 lacs, after the address and other verification process were done, after the processing fee amount was taken from my account and after waiting for such a long time. I argued with Renu about how could then Mr. Amit tell that I had the eligibility. If I didn’t have the eligibility, I am not a fool to proceed with the loan process and waste my Rs. 5618. She again told me that she will work with her manager and come back to me. She called again a couple of days but, all of them to say that nothing could be done and my eligibility is not there and the loan can’t be sanctioned. I got annoyed and asked her to return back my processing fee amount. She said the policy is not there to return the amount. I understood from HDFC and ICICI Bank that if they don’t sanction the loan, all the documents along with the amount is returned back to the customer. But here, neither did I get back my documents till date, neither the amount.


When I saw nothing is yielding results, I asked Renu to give her manager’s number. She gave the number (sorry, I don’t remember his name) and when I called, he was driving and said that he would call me back. I waited for a couple of days for his call. One fine day, one Ms. Indu (I think this was the name) called me and said that her manager wanted to know why I had called him a few days back. I explained her whole story but, she heard and told me the same thing – the processing fee can’t be returned. When I requested her again, she said that she will talk to her manager and call me back. This never happened. To follow up, when I called and talk to her, she said her manager is out of station and she doesn’t know when he will be back. Today, after more than a week, I am still waiting for the manager’s call.


Sir, as you see, this is a horrible experience. I was told that a panel has evaluated AXIS Bank as the best bank. I don’t know how. At least, I would never say that. You can see that they have given false information on the eligibility, collected the documents, taken the processing fee and then reverted back saying that eligibility is an issue. Till date, they have not returned the documents or the amount. Eligibility is the first thing that a customer takes care before giving any processing fee. But, AXIS Bank has cheated in this respect and has made some money out of this. I am not sure how many people would have experienced this with AXIS Bank. This looks like a good business for them. I don’t think they have any business Ethics. How can they give false information to the customers and make money?


Sir, I would hence request you to please look into this matter urgently and help safeguard the customers’ rights. You help will definitely ensure that AXIS Bank doesn’t repeat such cases down the line with any other customer.


Thanks much for your valuable time!!!

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