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Subject: Complaint on Bajaj Finance personal loan claiming pre-closing charges of 4.6 % on principle amount which was NIL at the time of loan disbursement


This complaint is with reference to my personal loan account no: 404SPL08607332 in Bajaj Finance. I have taken this personal loan from Bajaj Finance on March 2015. I procured the loan from Bajaj Finance since they had mentioned very clearly that there will be no pre-closure charges and partial payment option available. I have visited this branch (Rajajinagar Bangalore) to pre-close the loan. The pre-closure statement had the principal amount along with additional pre-closure charges of 4.6 % which was never mentioned at the time of loan disbursement. The charges are high and are not acceptable which will become around 35 thousand. The trust on the bank is lost as both pre-closure and part payment options have been majorly hit the customers. I would want to close the loan but due to these unaccounted charges its discouraging for me to pay additional amount which is undeniable. Upon that having charges on partial payment is very disappointing.

I have been sending email to Bajaj Finance help email id ( to consider my request that not to charge the pre-closure 4.6% charges for old customers, but they replied they cannot waive off the said foreclosure charges.


Please help me in this regard where they are simply charging the pre closure charges.

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