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Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am Reegan, I have purchased Yamaha Fazer bike on an Auto loan from (Mani Motors, Tondairpet) Bussan Auto Finance.At the time I dont have Any Current Address Proof With Chennia. So i Purchased My Friend Hussian Name requested them to present Yussian cheques. After That Hussian Unfortunality Closed Tat accout, Because He was hospitalized..i intimate to Field Fe;s Pls Dont Drop the job, my collect my cheque i wil clear Sincerly. But they only told sir we cant hold cheque nothing problem on tat, monthly u can pay cash on itself. After that i made a payment properly to fe. July month 10th i paid 3000rs, july 16 my vechicle was missed. i complaint the police.. Augest month 25th only i got my bike. i expence lot money to police station. i called up buusan auto finance Mr, sarath(manager) and i informd the issue. i will pay this month end. Only one month i didnt paid, but they are charging 6k extra. Sep 1st my vechicle seized by bussan auto finance, they sent one Legal Notice,,

My Loan Num-TW005INR00062664.

Actually 33000rs only i have balance out standing in my account as per given Loan. But they Are Charged Around 37691rs. I paid 37690rs today, but they didnt give vechicle, they said come and the bike tomo. But after that one girl callen me she s telling u need to pay another 500rs.I am loosing my credibility along with money towards bounce charges. Started loosing the patience too.


I request the concerned authorities to look into the matter. Seizure of a vehicle should be a solution to the parties who are not paying the EMIs. Talking rude can be a solution to a party who is not cooperating. But I don’t fall in either of these categories Please give a solution to this situation

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    I have purchased Yamaha FZ bike on Associate in Nursing automobile loan from (Patny Motors Begumpet) Bussan motorcar Finance. I requested them to gift my cheques to HDFC bank since the day I started paying my EMIs. They asked Pine Tree State to urge the ECS from HDFC bank. I gave them ECS thrice however they’re still presenting the cheques in my recent account (ICICI Bank). i’m loosing my credibleness together with cash towards bounce charges. Started loosing the patience too.

    I spoke to each potential person in Hyderabad from assortment|the gathering} agents to adult male Farroq Basha head of motorcar loans collection. each time I spoke they requested for a ECS and secure solve the matter. Beleiving themI gave themthe ECS thrice.

    Meanwhile I got deputed to the Singapore workplace of my company. Finding my Mother and sister alone the gathering guys started chasing my family at odd hours.

    This Morning adult male Ashok from Busan motorcar finance reached my home and wished to seize the vehicle. My sister referred to as up and explained Pine Tree State concerning matters. i attempted reprehension the gathering guys and told them that adult male Farooq is already awake to this case. He successively was asking Pine Tree State to face before of him to speak. I told him however stupid he was sounding as i’m in Singapore. Even once my families requests he wasn’t willing to depart the place while not seizing my vehicle or grouping the whole quantity as well as the cheque bounce charges.

    My family aforementioned they’ll pay the EMI as we have a tendency to ne’er stopped any and asked him to debate the matter with Pine Tree State relating to the additional charges. he’s still standing before of my house give tongue to and not willing to travel.

    I tried reprehension adult male Farooq on the quantity given on their web site. nobody was discomposed to answer the phone even once many attempts

    I request the involved authorities to appear into the matter. Seizure of a vehicle ought to be an answer to the parties World Health Organization don’t seem to be paying the EMIs. Talking rude is an answer to a celebration World Health Organization isn’t cooperating. however I don’t fall in either of those classes Please provides a answer to the current scenario

    Vivek Arya

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