Bussan automotive vehicle Finance Asian nation [Baf] to refund my a reimbursement ASAP


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I bought the bike yamaha fz twenty five abs 2019 model that was priced at rs. 1, 64, 968 (On road price).. They told ME no a lot of value are going to be charged.

There was an individual at the shop United Nations agency was operating for baf United Nations agency showed ME some monetary value of the bike

I payed 80, 088 as a deposit that the remaining the remaining quantity ought to be eighty four, 880.

After three days i got the message that the remaining quantity is 94000.

“i was quite surprise to check that a nondepository financial institution cannot even do a correct addition and the way will even they open such a giant company.”

They have showed that for three years i’ll be charged 3704 with interest of thirteen.75%. (Ok i united that)


Amount of motorcycle – rs one, 64, 968

Down payment – eighty, 088

Remaining quantity – one, 64, 968 – 80, 088 = 84, 880

But in step with baf remaining quantity are going to be – 94000 (How?)


“baf area unit scamming folks not serving to them”.


I higher recommend whoever area unit longing this post ne’er do a finance from this company.

None of the staff have a decent response, they solely tell U.S. to decision another folks for a lot of discussion..


I simply wished them to refund my cash (I. E -10, 880) back with none fail.


I believe inscribing this grievance would facilitate ME.

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