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My name is roshan rajak i’m staying in metropolis. I actually have purchased the yamaha fz number-9589 on Gregorian calendar month 2017. monthly i’m paying emi on time last four month i used to be not capable to pay the emi thanks to variant monetary issues thanks to job losses, when a protracted time.


I got employment with a pleasant package there’ll not be any issue from next month. On thirty first i’ll pay three months emi rest i’ll clear from next month pay.


Daily they’re returning to my flat my partner stayed there alone after I are going to be within the workplace, United Nations agency are going to be accountable if one thing can happen?


If one thing can happen to ME your company are going to be accountable.


Your legal team executive’s treated ME like i’m a criminal, they visited my workplace and meat my manager, why they did that? They annoyed ME like mad. they’re giving ME warnings for the police. United Nations agency are going to be accountable if i’ll lose the job?


I not obtaining facilitate from anyone. I hope you may facilitate ME with this, i’ll build the payment on thirty first Aug as i’ll get the pay.


Thanks & regards

Roshan rajak

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