Byju’s harassment from byju’s in delay in refund of my cash and unauthorised deduction of cash from my checking account


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I had signed to byju’s for my female offspring with a precondition for a shot amount of fifteen days from the date of receipt of their study material. I received the fabric on first Gregorian calendar month nineteen. On fourteenth February, I actually have requested for a cancellation of refund. I had set to cancel thanks to my different monetary commitment which is able to build troublesome to manage for this emi payment of rs.5, 400/- monthly


After forty seven days, once such a big amount of follow up e mails and struggle they need approved by refund. This company is thus economical that they wished forty seven days to approve by cancellation after I have submitted among fifteen this method, they need withdrawn my first emi installment of rs.5, 400/-.


I want answer why byju need forty seven days to approve the cancellation


Byju has not straightaway au courant the the loan agency to prevent the emi deduction on second / third of march that resulted in second installment deduction from my account for rs.5, 400/-. throughout my speech communication with byju team they accepted that there’s a delay in approving my cancellation. conjointly i think they need au courant the loan agency (Zest money) on thirteenth of April nineteen that i don’t have any confirmation. i actually don’t see why they need to require another ten days to instruct the zest cash.


On third of could once more they need withdrawn my third emi of rs.5, 400/-.


I believe the on top of delay techniques square measure done by byju to confirm they collect extra money from consumer.


My expectation is as follows;

Byju guarantee no additional emi is obtaining deduction from my account. If from now on emi gets deduction, they settle for to the terms that i will sue them for any damages
Byju to right away refund my 3 installment emi along side interest.

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