Canara Bank non issue of financial condition certificate even when submitting a duplicate.


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My name is Mohammed mujeeb ullah, I even have been maintaining associate account in geographic area bank, abids, hyd for the last twenty five years. I wished a financial condition certificate for my account as a result of i applied for a loan from another agency. I requested to the manager for the financial condition certificate multiple times. I even gave him a duplicate of the financial condition certificate that was given by the loan agency from geographic area bank, jharkhand. I requested him multiple times however he keeps telling Pine Tree State that he will not provide the financial condition certificate. ultimately he same that it’s not in his power to try and do therefore. conjointly he does not speak properly with Pine Tree State he keeps talking in an exceedingly rude manner and continually walks away in middle of a speech communication. what’s the purpose of maintaing associate account for therefore long with a bank if i can not even get a straightforward certificate. Please i request you to appear into my request for issue of financial condition certificate because it is required for my empowerment.



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