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I am abdul qader khan has taken personal loan from capital first, account no 3486822, mobile number +91 [protected], i paid the foreclosure loan amount of rs.11, 217.00 on 10/02/18 through neft from by idbi account to capital first account.


Capital first personal loan account no 3486822

Transaction date              10/02/18

Transaction amount        inr 11, 217.00

Transaction type              dr

Transaction description ipay/inst/neft/[protected]/[protected]

Payment confirmation number is :[protected]


I don’t understand what type of service company is giving to the customers. I paid the whole loan amount but my loan account is still active after 10 days.

After paying the whole amount i asked the customer care about the loan closure. He told me the loan will closed 5 to 6 days. Again and again calling / mailing customer care for loan account closure but no update.


Customer care service no proper response & no body can talk, it is very bad experience.


Please update my payment and close my personal loan account. Please find the attachment payment transaction number and mini statement.

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