Capital First (hdfc) — Unethical behaviour (Marketing / salesman)


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Earlier he (Reported as) represented in processing pl, cc from the bank. Two months back, he has forwarded his bank id & voter id cards through whatsapp (As enclosed), offering me pl with a rate of interest between 11.49% and 12%. The offers received by me is 12.50% to 12.99%. The same was communicated to him how is it possible?

Replied, as to complete the targets set, new promotional offers are given to the marketing persons, (Hdfc capital first, a non-banking sector, promoted by hdfc, purely for loaning) with a margin of 0.50% in excess to the normal lower rate of interest, which is not posted on the website.

Processing fee amount need to be paid in advance (Non-refundable) as a non-banking sector, which is true in cases of housing and other loans etc.

Taking into consideration with the details provided by him (Ids), documents were forwarded to his mail id ( the next call requesting me to transfer the processing fee charges (Usually the same will be charged to the loan account, by regular banking sector), by way of cheque or bank transfer.


As reported, he is on camping for the purpose of marketing campaign, not able to collect the cheque and requested to transfer an amount of rs 2000/- to his bank account (P. Murali, sbin0011662 [protected]).

After the same amount transferred, processing fee for 2 lakhs, is rs 4000/- and requested to transfer another rs. 2000/-.

After that, another request for rs 1500/- for document verification. – amount transferred.

Refundable amount as sd rs 2500/-. – amount transferred. (Usually customers do not step back)

The sd of rs 2500/- is for 1 lakh, and request to trf another refundable sd rs 2500/- (Transferred).

Refundable: payable along with the loan amount.

Total an amount of rs 10, 500/- transferred to his account. Till date he is still extending the date to process the loan and trying to avoid (Not responding to the calls. Messages).

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