Capital First — I am complaining about extra charges


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I have taken consumer durable loan (LAN 6119581)from Capital first on May 2016, I have completed all EMI’s by Feb 2017.


Now after two year, I got message from IDFC bank that I have to pay some 6300/- for loan which I took. I have called customer care they said these are against cheque bounce charges. I have paid cheque bounce to my bank but they said they are charging this extra towards the same.


On Jan 31st, INR 1000/- debited from my saving bank account without my consent, today I received SMS stating 1000/- will be deducted on 28th Feb.


I have noticed the previous 1000/- is not covered, it still shows the whole amount to be paid.


I want this to be resolved. I will never opt for Capital first or IDFC First againt in my life.

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