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I booked my pakage to nainital for me and my wife from 23.5.16 to 28.5.16 with carlos travel for 5 nights and 6 Days. I had made fullpayment to Agency in there account in Advance so that we should not have any problem during the tour and we could have good time.But this tour turned out to be most disorganised one.The services offered by the Agency was not upto the mark. As perAgency commitment in the pakage the hotels for accomodation were to be3 start atleast. The hotel pine heaven at kasauni was like lodge. Therooms were not well maintained. The walls of the room were withoutpaint.We contacted the Agency representative Mr Raj Sharma andapprised him of the situation and asked him to change the hotelimmediately since pine heaven was no where near to 3 star hotel as waspromised by the Agency. Even i send the pictures of the room to MrRaj. He kept insisting us for change of room. We clearly warned himthat this hotel is not upto the mark and we will not stay in thishotel for another night and requested him to change the hotel. The Agency never responded. We were made to spend one night in that lodge pine heaven and next day we called to Mr Raj for changing our hotel but he replied that he can do nothing. We argued that we have paid forthe services of 3 star hotel facility and not for lodge. But the company nevr response. Then we left the hotel and moved to nainital.We reduced our stay at kasauni from 2 night to 1 NIGHT due to poor service offered by the company. We stayed next night in nainital at our own. The Agency never bothered about us since they have got money from us in Advance.In nainital we came to know that company has booked hotel Misty hightsfor us that was 9 km away from proper nainital. Moreover, the facility of the hotel Even here were not upto the mark. The toilet seat was leaking. The washroom had no shower. There was no mobile network in the hotel. The kitchen of the hotel was also messy. The food offered to us was not as per menue. Moreover, We had to come to the ground floor to make calls.


Even the behaviour of driver was rude. However the Agency changed thedriver on 4th day. But the driver missed few places like sattal as peritineary. When i contacted Mr Raj he said thAt we would cover those places next day but he never contacted us back.When i came back from the tour i emailed to the company and expressedmy displeasure about the services offered by them. They replied backthat they will take care in future.


I am feeling cheated because i have not got the service what i was promised and they have spoiled my whole tour. Me and my wife felttortured during the tour after paying the money in Advance.Pleased advice me what are the various platforms where i can complain against this fraud company and pleased raise this issue so that Agency like these cannot dupe the people and spoil there vacations and money.

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