Cheating case of Rs 60000 by Puthedan holidays and resorts


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My name is Surendra Singh. I booked a tour for kerala and kanyakumari through Puthedan Holidays and resorts. Sony Mini George contacted me and promised for cheap and good package. She demanded Rs 60000 as an advance for Air tickets of 4 persons ,rooms and taxi . I transferred that advance money in there account on 11 August . Just after the money got she blocked my number.

I emailed at there office and contact at other numbers but they never pick any call . At 21st August I received an tour cancellation mail from them without my concern. In that mail they promised me to refund full money within 14 working days bit they don’t.

I send many mails at there mailbox and dail thousands time there phones. But all are unreplied. After that my one close friend went there so called office at banglore but there was no office there. After that he went to Jayanagar Police Station . Mr. Binu James, the another director of this fraud company and husband of bloody cheater Soni Mini George, promised there to refund all money within 3 days but he not paid a single paisa to me.

After that he promised me for next dates many times but he never fullfil his promiss. I lodged FIR against this cheater company in delhi and banglore too.

I sent there complaint to prime minister office, Police commissioner Banglore and other offices but he not paid me till date. They both are very big frauds like BANTI AND BABLI , CHARLES SHOBHRAJ etc. Beware with this company.

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