Club Group Of Hotels — Did not get a booking since almost a year


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My cgh certificate number is: in-dl[protected]n and i have paid 22, 000 from my hdfc credit card on 28th of june. After that i have requested to book a holiday on 17th august for manali from 23rd – 27th september, 2015. But unfortunately i did not get any booking and not even any reply from cgh.


Then i had 2 meetings with them in person at noida sub mall office and they promised that they will take my next request on priority.


So again i had requested for two different slots and choices to spend my holidays:

22nd october to 24th october = manali

14th november to 17th november = shimla


They replied that 22nd for manali is not possible but 14th nov for manali is possible. So i have told them to book. But again same thing happened and did not get any booking.


Then i met with uttam rai at nehru place office and he told me that he will find out why this thing happened but i did not get any resolution.


I have spent 22k money and after that not getting any service. Both the times i have taken leaves from office but did not able to spend it properly. It was really a mental harassment and i have travel to their office for so many times which is again a harassment. I need my money back with interest for mental harassment, travelling charges to several office locations.

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