Club Group Of Hotels — Not cancelling my membership


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I had attended the promotion drive of CGH held on 29th December 2015 at Pacific Mall, Anand Vihar, New Delhi. There I had purchased 5 year membership (that they called Vacation Ownership) by paying Rs.55000 via my Credit Card. In process to convert the amount into 12 months EMIs my bank is charging me interest for Rs.5233. I too like to share that the interest rate of Rs.5233 that bank is charging is forfeited by CGH to me via cheque.


I requested to cancel my membership on 30th December 2016 by writing mail to them on, while I was ready to surrender the CGH cheque that they gave me to pay the interest.

As per contract if i ask them to cancel my membership within the 7 days of purchase then they will charge Rs.15000 (as processing fee) and rest they will refund me, but after 2 months of follow-ups to get this cancellation done they today (2nd March 2016) denied to do so.


Request you to please help me in getting this cancellation done and get my refunded money back.

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