Club Mahindra Holidays — cancellation of membership and refund amount


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Due to personal reasons, i want to cancel my club mahindra membership no.2853621. I request you to make the necessary arrangement of refund the club mahindra membership fee of ₹31, 530/- it’s been more than 2 months no executive has contacted me. I haven’t even avail any offer from mahindra holiday club. I have informed the inconvenience to the executive name prabhu from chennai office. After i told him about the cancellation he didn’t even respond to my mail nor my phone call. Because of his pressure, i took the membership he even discloses the colour code to me during the meeting and instited me to join the club at the earliest (That day itself). The executive also assures to help at any time but now he doesn’t respond at all.

Now i humbly request you to cancel my membership and refund the membership amount.

Yours sincerely

Siju Sam 5 years 0 Answers 264 views 0

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