Club Mahindra Holidays — fraud and thieving


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My name is Aayushi Agarwal and that i bought a membership from Club Mahindra in Gregorian calendar month, 2018. i used to be eligible for one international and one Indian vacation once paying 3 emis then I paid them. once paying these emis after I tried to avail my vacation I need to understand that everything i used to be told was a lie which there area unit different charges to be paid that i used to be not told concerning. i used to be thwarted and that i tried reaching intent on everybody. No execs have spoken to Maine and that they continuing taking emis while not my permission or consent. thus primarily, I actually have paid them over eighty, 000 rupees and have gotten nothing for it.

They have harried Maine for the past few months and i am solely losing cash. Please facilitate Maine. I actually have all the e-mail interactions, phone calls etc to gift to the honourable court as proof.


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