Club Mahindra Holidays — Frustrated and Cheated – Want money back


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My membership id is: 2021563, season: blue , studio

In reference to my withdrawal application dt 26-09-10 to the Club Mahindra office at the Palm Beach Galleria, Vashi, I forward my worry and unfortunate experience with the same. There has been a series of incidents that have compelled me to cancel this bondage forever.

Communication of insufficient information about the Membership, rude behavior and stereotype attitude of the Sales Executive, Seniors, bunch of misleadings and lack of communication of the officials between themselves are the main reasons of why I seek this withdrawal.

I have a sincere request that the company should take some measure against those that harm the reputation this way and also ensure that people stepping out of their offices have got all the information they need to have and not get startled or surprised wrongly after they opt for a leisure time only to find that they have added more trouble to their lives.

My series of ‘bad to worst’ experiences with the Club Mahindra, Vashi:

I got many phone calls from the Mahindra Club backoffice and was told about free offers under any circumstances – just my presence was enough they said to avail these offers- to which I responded by attending their so called 30-minute introduction which lavishly took 3 hours to communicate the product details. Though we were not happy with the attitude of the Sales Executive, we paid the amount and were happy that at least we had invested in a good company and there would be value for the money paid. But this happiness was over within a week when the ground realities were surfaced.

The form filling was without even offering us to read the terms and conditions, it seems the Club Mahindra personnel gets the details filled within three minutes so getting time to read any of the clauses to the customers was not really a practice followed.

A lot many promises and misleadings were made towards building the ‘customer’s trust’ as usual by the big branded company officials. I made a payment thru my wife’s credit card of Rs. 16031 (Sixteen thousand thirty one) on 30thAug’10 and was again told it would be credited only by 7th Oct 2010 by the Senior Officer1. Also was confirmed, the kit and the other offer cards would be reaching us within 4-5 days.

There was no welcome call made by the club, which was promised to be within 4-5 days. The amount was immediately credited to the Club’s account withih 2 days. It was disgusting to find my email address wrongly recorded. Still I have not received the email.

Poor followup aspect of the club: My wife had to ring up after a week to find the status of the same. No fruitful response was given, it was just said the courier had been dispatched which was later found as untrue.

The next call was responded with a customer care number, to which she had to ring up to ask again the status of the courier and the same was then turned smartly into a ‘Welcome Call’ by the Executive which left us with enough setbacks.

Email entered in the system was incorrect.
The holiday start was only by Jan 2012.
There was a long waiting period.
The Annual Subscription Amount told would be varying (increasing) every year and does not remain constant for 25 years.
The Kit would reach only by 30 to 45 days.

The EMIs – another tension added:Another blow occurred when my wife called up the Credit Card office to cancel the further EMIs, only to found that the Club Mahindra had a standing instruction from their side, which she being the owner of the card also could not deny. The only option left was to cancel her Credit card.

Personnel communicated with:

Sales Executive: Mr. Kustubh Rane
Customer Care Executive: Ms Sangita
Senior Officer1: Mr. Sachin Kamat
Senior Officer2: Mr. Yogesh Wagh
Senior Officer3: Mr. Sandip

Its really surprising to find not a single personnel knowledgeable about the product offers, details and terms and conditions involved in the membership. It’s a disgusting experience and a bitter memory I ever had.

For any company there are competitors, but if the product offered is a guarantee, it surely does well. But sorry to say, the feeling we had was that it’s only the money count of the customer and not the concern or bother of the value of the money given. Pls do not treat your customers like this.

I look for a reimbursement of my amount in full from the company.


Thanking you,


Dr. Sandeep Patil

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