Complaint on Bajaj Finance personal loan claiming pre-closing charges of 4.6 % on principle amount


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am Manohar Machani availed personal loan from Bajaj Finance ltd (BFL), loan acc no-404SPL17867135. Amount 7 lakhs personal loan. At the time of loan approval, it was mentioned that, There won’t be any foreclosure charges for early foreclosure of the loan and it can be done after paying first EMI. I have the mail from Bajaj regarding this in which it is mentioned that foreclosure charges is 0% .


Now I want to close the personal loan by paying Principal outstanding amount, but I saw that they are charging 4.6 % additionally as Foreclosure charges. When I queried customer care executive about the same, they just say their policy has changed from 1st June,

giving excuse like prevailing market situation. This is completely fraud , how can it be applied to old customers like me.


I don’t want to pay extra money and feel cheated.


Sir, Please take necessary action to stop these cheaters from looting hard earned money of common citizens..




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