Country Club cordial reception & Holidays Ltd cheating by not providing edges as secure


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My girl paid rs 72000/- on twenty six.1.2017 as membership fee and conjointly to boot paid rs. 7172/-on twelve.5.2017 to society cordial reception and holidays lt. (Cchhl). it absolutely was secure by Mr. Paras sancheti, Aditya and puja of cchhl that the member and mate are going to be given per annum free vacation voucher for seven days holidays for keep in hotels yearly for five years, and member are going to be given four-hundredth discount on air fare charges. it absolutely was conjointly secure by cchhl that the member and mate can get free tickets to new discharged movies. however all guarantees|the guarantees} were false promises as none of aforementioned profit was given to the member. My girl was totally cheated and deceived by society. society created no response to honour the guarantees created. They currently don’t take and reply calls. we’ve got gone to police office to register criticism. Cchhl replied that they’re going to refund the number however no refund wad created. we have a tendency to area unit compellled by cchhl to run from pillar to post. Their behaviour is very unethical. They lured US to require membership by method of fraud, misleading, coercion, mistaking and falsehood. we are going to post full details and complete particulars in next post which is able to follow shortly. we have a tendency to shall use multiple forums on the market if our hard-earned cash isn’t refunded by society shortly.

Please take neccessary action to bring our grievance to a lot of and a lot of forums and folks by media and circulation in order that contry club is also compelled to prevent plundering, cheating and deceiving innocent individuals.

Radha govind sharma

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