Country Club India — No response when payment


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I am a member (Membership No. 48661) at metropolis. I received decision from Hyderabad head workplace, AMC department. They offered American state a theme for discount AMC payment for three years. in conjunction with that i used to be secure activation of terminated holidays, some food coupons and extra vacation packages.


After I created the net payment, The AMC department person, Mr. Rajesh, UN agency had referred to as American state with the supply, began to behave as if he does not grasp American state and he did not care a small amount even after I told him all ten

12 calls that I actually have a receipt for the payment. He simply took my membership range and aforementioned that in fifteen minutes you may get confirmation for all the higher than things however it looks that fifteen minutes don’t seem to be nonetheless over.


I feel this a cheating scam wherever the payment is amused to some personal accounts and currently they can not provide American state any secure club services as a result of the payment has not truly gone to the club.


The payment acknowledgement is hooked up hereby.

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