Cross Roads — fraud by ms. meena and mr. sayed


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Ms. Meena has done a fraud with me with the help and support and under the instructions of Mr. Sayed.


Accordingly. this is to inform you all that I am starting legal proceedings against Cross Roads and all its directors for misappropriation of money, cheating and defamation and posting this information as public notice against Cross Roads.


If anybody has any concern/ objection to this legal notice, just inform me at [protected] with 24 hours if this notice and if no concern/ objection is received by within 24 hours of this notice, I will start legal; proceedings against Cross Roads, all its directors and all its responsible executives including Mr. Sayed, Ms. Meena, Ms. Seema, Mr. Sonu and Mr. Amit for misappropriation of money, cheating, defamation and criminal conspiracy

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