Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam old meter bill still coming through connection closed and bill paid


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The sdo. Dhbvn

Sec.31, gurugram date: 14/1/19

Dear sir,

Sub: close of old meter at s-55/39, dlf-3 a/c. No [protected]

As i got new connection of 3 phase at my residence s-55/39, dlf phase-3 on 21ast july, 2018 clearing all formalities and every amount to install this new connection. Same day i requested your department to close old connection was disconnected with reading showing on old meter 017633. The last bill paid by me on 28/7/2018 for rs. 6957/ for reading showing on that bill as old reading 16504 and new 17626. Means i paid bill up to reading 17626.

When on 21st july 18, meter was disconnected reading was 17633.

I would like to draw your kind attention as i was told by your staff that my old meter is being disconnected automatically it will be recorded in our record but it seems that still it is not being done so far. So request you to kindly make your record update and now i have only one connection which is now in my name suresh kumar 3 phase since 21st july. There was no bill for 4 months approx and a bill of

Rs. 27980/ was sent to me on 12/11/2018. On making my complaint at your office, on 23rd nov, your reader took new meter reading which was for 2540 units amounting to rs. 18026/ which i duly paid on 24/11/18 vide my chq. No.042353 dated 23/11/18 drawn on icici bank.in my new a/c no [protected]

So now nothing is pending against me so kindly don’t send me any old meter bill and close it in your record too under intimation to me with no dues certificate.

Thanking you and regards

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