Dhanvi Internet Solution — Low speed and fluctuation of internet


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Greetings I m pravinbhai sheladiya

I m teking your network access

my utilization name is – pravinnar


subject – low speed of web and variance of web

consistently I m whining in your assistance care focus n they are not reacting me proprly they are just give me answer today my enginerr has come at your home however nobody has come to seen my web issue and your client administration memeber has not give the appropriate response proprly whenever

sorry to learn however I am comlaining in your client office of ahmedabad last 15days they are not take activities on my comlain so I m comlaining here I trust now your comny has taking activities if your comny has not taking activities in 7 days so I am sad I m taking lawfully activities against your comny

much obliged to you

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