Dr. L. H Hiranandani Hospital Complaint against Dr. L.H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai


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The Medi Assist India Pvt. Ltd.,

Subject – Complaint against Dr. L.H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had taken my father to Dr.L.H Hiranandani Hospital for his treatment related to urology on 9th Oct’09. Based on Dr.Deepak Gupte (Consultant, Urology, Dr.L.H Hiranandani Hospital) pre-investigation of my father, he had recommended to get admitted for further treatment.

I would like to share my experience in the hospital which looks nightmare to me whenever I just thought about it.

1. On 10th Oct’09 they investigated my father whole day due to which he could not take his regular medicine which he takes during day time, so the available RMO had given Nine tablets + one intra venous injection and one liquid syrup all at the same time in the night which had made my father to suffer a lot, he started shivering so much that it was not in my control, and no doctors to support him, we couldn’t understand what could be the reason of such shivering. Such carelessness they have shown in the hospital who always thinks for making money from the insurance company nothing more than that. My father has cardiac problem and just imagine if anything wrong would have happened then…

3. I observed hospital was doing all investigation of my father but never discussed with us about the reports, what would be their next plan etc. Dr.Deepak Gupte always telling us from the day first, your father case is very critical, it is not easy to operate etc etc.

4. Dr.Deepak Gupte used to visit our room daily for hardly 5 to 10 secs and never discussed about the patient conditions and whenever we used to ask him, he told we’ll discuss later. For every small visit he has billed us heavy amount. Such a careless and money minded doctor I have never seen. Till last day he didn’t discuss how he is going to operate the patient, what is his plan etc. He was referring to unnecessary doctors who were adding good money in the bill.

5. When all the reports came and when we tried to discuss Dr.Deepak Gupte about his next plan, he again started telling it’s a critical case though reports were not so bad which we can read in the reports. Then we realized this doctor is unnecessary making the case critical and want to make money out of it. They don’t bother whether patient how old he is and how much care does he need.

6. My father was not comfortable with the attitude of the doctor, we decided we’ll not go for the operation in this hospital. So when we had asked them to discharged us, then hospital head Mr.Shetty started shouting on us saying without operation you cannot go, they were forcing us for the operation. Hospitals administration harassed us very rudely and misbehaved us.

7. Initially Medi assist had sent an approval of Rs.65,000/- and our bill was coming 49,000/- but they were not reliving my father from the hospital who also suffered very badly due to non co-operation of all the hospital staff and violated the rights of information’s.

So in future such type of hospital should be debarred from the list of our authorized hospitals and no money should be given to them by hook or crook.

This I am informing you as a moral duty from my side, because my all family members are insured in your company. I will be the happiest person from my side if any enquiry is needed from your side in future.

Thanks and Regards,

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