Drivezy — incorrect fee charged & duty denied


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


This is regarding my last booking with with Drivezy, booking id attached.


I took the vehicle from Whitefield location & have attached the photos of vehicle. the vehicle was in poor condition & as informed by fleet it underwent servicing couple of days back.

The vehicle had major damage in the front as well as back panel.

There was problem with one of the tires as well.


I took the vehicle to petrol pump and realised that there was leakage from the coolant. I immediately returned to the location and reported the issue. The fleet there insisted me on accepting that I brushed a bump in the way.He tried convincing me by saying that we won’t charge anything from you because it’s within 5km. My point is that why should I accept the fact that my car bumped when I was driving very slow & there is no hump in the way to petrol pump.Also, I was driving really slow because of the flat tire which I had to get fixed at petrol pump.

For the matter of fact, no car get damaged from below until unless it’s not a major hump or something very major happens.


After returning to the location, I parked the vehicle there and after 5 mins, i couldn’t see any any leakage.The parking area is full of Mudd and in this rainy season one can’t really figure if it’s a coolant or normal water. I have attached images for the same.


After sometime the fleet came back to me saying ‘kya karte ho sir’ and showed me photos of vehicle damaged from back. I was shocked and showed him the photos which I had taken. He then realised his mistake and said sorry. the photos are from a different car but for a minute he again accused me of damaging the car.


My point is :

The fleet executive didn’t check the car properly before handing it over to me or there was damage from the last booking which he didn’t notice while handing the car.

If the fleet can’t figure the difference between 2 cars and can accuse me of damage by showing another cars photos I am not sure how responsible they are.


Ideally Drivezy should compensate for my loss, I wasted a day and the bookings for the day. I paid some 1600 to Drivezy and 2000 for the bookings for the day.

Instead Drivezy is now accusing me of damaging the car when I returned the car within 2 km.My mistake was that I didn’t realise the leakage until petrol pump guys told me.


I tried contacting the fleet team lead & he assured me that we will waive off the damage charges on vehicle. He asked me to wait for some time until he gets the vehicle checked but my concern is regarding the charge which I have paid for the vehicle.


Now, when I see in my account the damage charges are applied .



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