Drivezy regarding charging me of 9, 999 inr for false charges


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My first drivezy experience:


The major difference between drivezy and other service based industries is that the other service based industries believe ‘customer is right if the customer has slightest chance of being right’ while drivezy believes that the ‘customer is wrong even if he/she provides strong evidence of being right’


Me and my friends recently used drivezy for the first time and below is our experience with their service.


We booked a hyundai grand i10 from ka03af3698 (Pnr: [protected]

) from yelachenahalli, bangalore at 11:00 p. M 2nd march. We picked up the car at 11:55 p. M.


Before pickup:


â· the car’s front bumper was damaged and had engine oil marks all over it


â· when we discussed our concern with their station executive, he asked us to take the pic of car and assured us the car is working fine.


After pickup:


â· the car broke down after 136 kms of drive due to leaking engine oil (We then realized that the marks on the bumper were due to leakage of engine oil)


â· our car was stuck in the middle of flyover and the maintenance team came after two hours after multiple calls (At the spot which was hardly 30 minutes away from the drivezy pickup station)


â· the maintenance guys will always blame you as obvious (To protect their #) and so happened in this case. They now deep dived into the reason for oil marks on bumper. As soon as the maintenance guy saw oil marks on bumper they immediately opened the bonnet and found the source of that damage.


â· after a bit of investigation and figuring out the source of engine oil leakage, they immediately blamed us for lower chassis damage


ⷠwhen we argued that the oil stains were present before pickup then they didn’t hear to our arguments


ⷠas the result they charged us 9, 999 inr immediately and confiscated my friend’s driving license for one month for insurance claim


Customer support:


ⷠthe most interesting fact about their customer service told by one of their executives was that they don’t have any turnaround time (Tat) for tickets


â· after providing complete evidence and arguments for the damage their customer support took around 4 days to reply


ⷠtheir car experts had this brilliant argument that with the amount of oil spillage at drop time this car can’t go for 136 kms. To which i argued that the oil spillage was less when we picked the car (As per the picture evidence) and increased after drive of 136 kms (Which is obvious)


ⷠthey didn’t have any explanation for the oil stains at bumper before pickup


â· they finally concluded that it was a running damage and so i should be charged for it


ⷠat the end of everything we ended up with a spoiled weekend and a loss of 9, 999 inr. To add to this bad experience drivezy also confiscated my driving license for one month so that i can’t drive for a month and they can claim their insurance without any hassle


ⷠafter this experience i won’t recommend anyone to use drivezy. If you are still planning to use drivezy then i can suggest you some safety tips based on my experience


O take a good camera along with yourself and take pics of every inch of the car


O if possible, tilt the car and take the pics of complete lower chassis


O open the bonnet, and take the pic of that too


O open the boot of car and take a pic of that too


O check the stephney


O make a good video of car


O and if you have any suspicion about the car’s condition then please don’t pick it up else be sure that you will be charged 9, 999 inr for it


Attaching the real picture of car taken before pickup and chat with customer care, so that you can be the judge of drivezy and my story on your own

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