Drivezy — worst service – drivezy big cheater


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Do not ever rent car from drivezy. You can be a victim of their poor vehicle maintenance. Always trust a reliable service provider.


I have booked tata tiago through drivezy on sep 28 10.30 pm without fuel package from mahadevpura, bangalore location.


The journey was going good until the vehicle got an issue low acceleration, moving ahead in the middle of the highway, the vehicle was not accelerating and i got to know this due to clutch issue. Immediately we called to drivezy and informed and they are not even helpful on the call so pathetic response. I asked them (Drivezy) to help me with a back up vehicle but they out-rightly refused me to give the back up vehicle quoting that we are out station. Back up vehicle was very important for me as i had all my family members travelling along and all of them were stranded on the road because of this issue.


I myself spoken with tata road assistance., waited for them and towed car to nearest authorized service station.


We returned back to bangalore by our own additional expenses.

Now drivezy asking me to pay for the clutch damage charges. I told them that how can we be liable for clutch plate burning as its a wear and tear part. This is impossible to burn clutch plate in such a small distance without any other prior issue in the vehicle and poor maintenance could have a role to play in this.


I told them that when we hire vehicle we inspect it from outside and accept it, we neither do inspection of engine parts nor its possible as we are hiring the car for short distance and not buying the car.


If it was damaged by us from outside possibly any damage to body part then we would have accepted the charges but internal damage could only be a result of poor maintenance.


Their customer care response was also very poor. Only mistake what we did is to book car through drivezy, which in my view is a very unprofessional company.


A genuine suggestion please check car before taking from this kind of service. Better go for trusted players in the market. How you are understanding your customer.


Please understand the genuine concerns and accept your faults. These people do not have any checklist for the cars.


No proper audit of car before after trip. If they have also they will charge hefty penalty from you even if you are proven of being non guilty.



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