First Priority Job practice cheating and fraud job


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I have received decision from man Ayush of 1st Priority within the month of Christian holy day from Mob no    for job gap with their Clint and my CV is appropriate for the position .Since it offers smart package i asked any details like different advantages and charges . He told got to pay registration fee of Rs1999/to 1st priority and no different charges .Since its manageable quantity and smart gap as per info give within the mail and discussion, created payment to their same AC of GET achievement . Once the Interview finished the Clint telephonically they request from me to form payment of Rs 15320 for certificate verification charge that is like attestations method and also the same quantity are going to be refunded by the corporate at the time of change of integrity. when many calls from man Vivek United Nations agency introduced as senior manager and convinced ME on the refund and warranted there’ll not be the other charges except this . since they need given in mail I even have done the payment and done any rounds of interview and power check as per the directions .

After clearing final spherical they asked ME to form payment of Rs 176320/ because the charge of profile finalisation. At this stage its appears some pretend and educated not in the slightest degree interested with a payment job and asked them to refund the number payed to them . once more convincing calls and that they have even forward mail from company ( As per 1st priority) concerning my choice .


After several calls they educated that 1st priority is prepared build|to form|to create} payment on behalf of ME if i make payment of Rs 50000/ simply because they’ll get two hundredth my office as their fee from consumer if i be a part of that is large and can have a lot of achievement in future as they’re doing 1st time for this Clint. after I raise them to supply proof from company or i will be able to create payment solely when receiving provide letter they organized calls from company time unit to relinquish clarity on my achievement and convincing ME . like all commoner i additionally belied and when mail from them that is clearly stating i do not got to create any payment until my all papers square measure clear when this Rs 50000. This payment i transfer to them within the ac of 1st Priority with Punjab full service bank (     ) on twenty sixth jun nineteen and that they confirmed an equivalent through mail.

After this done any method like time unit Induction and during this i asked the person clearly what’s the any proceedings on change of integrity. when seven days of induction i suppose to urge consent letter and provide letter from company directly( that clarify with time unit to confirm its causing directly from company not from 1st priority) when 10days once known as Vivek he behaved terribly arrogantly and argued that consent letter are going to be send by 1st priority on behalf of company and that i got to receive it and want to form balance pament of Rs 120325 that i denied and shared telecon discussion record to strengthen my half that the letter to be issued from company MORMAII. throughout decision he same i will be able to not get something they if i did not pay balance . they’ll not refund single cash since i am create lose to them. at now i accomplished i got cheatedcand lost cash . after I responded in such the simplest way that i will be able to not leave thus easly and can take action one man Varun claimed as senior manager of 1st priority spoke to ME and apologized to ME for delay and miss activity approach. as a result of all the communication was recorded and mails square measure clearly proving that they done mistake .

Finally when mailing the audio they they need discussion with company can|and can} get letter as committed with in ten days will get letter from company .


till currently nothing received and every one along i lost 67319 as charges transfer to 1st priority AC and Rs 4500 for medical tests as they asked to try and do. currently a days nobody choosing my calls and not giving any update on job or regarding my money.


All the calls records and mails square measure obtainable for any requirments


Kindly facilitate ME to urge my money back as this square measure cheaters and faux job practice.

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