Flip kart Is Selling Stolen Phone with Duplicate IME No ends with 0009


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My order ID is OD110640390556704000.  I have purchased Vivo v7+ phone from Flip kart which is not original. Flip kart has fooling people by selling stolen phone. After the purchase I am receiving calls from crime branch and they are claiming that the phone purchased is stolen and they are asking to submit the phone for the investigation. When I visited to check  Crime branch Indore to verify that calls was real or just a fraud, then I got to know that they were really from crime branch & that was true.

According to crime branch Indore there are many phones of vivo purchased by many customer from different different platforms are stolen. According to them around thousand phones are having fake one IME no ends with 009 which was sold to many customers.

As per crime branch there are many sellers who has sold stolen phone with one ime no. Around 1000 mobiles are detected on the one Ime no (same ime no which is mentioned in my phone information ends with 009) .As per them they are submitting all the phones which are purchased by same Ime no for the investigation so that they can trace all the seller & then they will block all the phones with same Ime No.

I even have different IME no. , IME no. in my phone Information is different from the IME no. mentioned in the invoice.  IME No. mentioned in invoice is 866066038540757 & in Phone information IME no mentioned is 8654070100000009, both are completely different. Please check the screenshots i have attached.


Police is submitting all the phones for the investigation. I have purchased this phone from Flip kart by paying those 22000. Now police has saying to submit the phone for investigation & they are saying all the phones with this duplicate IME no. will be blocked after the investigation as it is having Fake IME No.

I don’t understand What wrong I have done I have just purchased the phone from Flip kart where I lost the phone also as police is taking that n lost the money also which I paid to Flip kart for the stolen phone.

I have lost my 22000 Rs & Phone too as Flip kart has sold stolen phone to me with fake IME No.

I have purchased this phone on Bajaj EMI, it took 2 years to clear phone installments, after clearing the installment police is claiming that phone is stolen and having fake IME no this phone will be blocked. When I contacted flip kart for the same they are not ready to take any guarantee of this fraud, they are not ready to help.

Where is the assurance which was given by flip kart for the security n authenticity of the product? Flip kart claims that they sold original products then how came this type of stolen phone they have sold. According to police there are many other phones which are sold by flip kart.

Now flip kart is saying they don’t take any guarantee of this kind of thing. They are not ready to answer for any of this. I don’t understand what is my fault in all these I have purchased the phone legally by trusting online platform flip kart paid all the EMI of Bajaj then also now I lost the phone also and my money also.

Kindly help me to get my money back from flip kart which I paid for the stolen phone.

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