Foodpanda — collecting user data without their knowledge


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


As per your trailing mail, you have mentioned that as per your voucher fair use policy, my account was restricted from applying vouchers.


Can you please clarify my below questions???


1) as per your executive call (Call recording enclosed) i have used my two accounts on mobile so i was restricted to use vouchers, if this is the case how come to have my device information???


2) as per your app permission requirement you take permissions only for contacts, location, phone, sms and storage not device info permissions are asked by you and i have not given any permission to collect my device information, so how come you have got my device id.


3) if you have got the device permission with out user consent it is a serious threat to the user privacy which is not acceptable, the only chance you have is to run suspicious malware on user device such as “read_phone_state” or may be some thing more worse than this.


4) if you check the back ground of my case, on 15th oct 2018 i have placed an order which you could not able to serve and after my complaint you gave me an apology voucher, but blocked my food panda account, then i logged into my other account, where the voucher you gave me did not work, that i started complaining about this issue on facebook, after a long chase up my account was unblocked but restricted my account to use vouchers (All the complaints history enclosed). Is this not come under cheating a client by given a voucher at the same time blocking the account from using it???


I want answers for all my questions in writing from you (Dont just call me, put your explanation on email) with in 48 working hours else i shall take this seriously as food panda playing with user security and collecting all the personal data with out user knowledge.

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