Franch Express Courier — loss of material


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Franch express Docket details: [protected] dt 30/07/2018


As per courier docket, material was dispatched to customer, but, the customer has not received the material.

when I ask for customer signature, you denied and told material was not dispatched. and no proof


We are following through Dolphin enterprises for loss of materials, and I personally visited your office,

I gave letter head complaint, along with Franchise courier copy, copy of invoice, along with E-way bill.


Last month also I gave again letter head complaint with all relevant documents, ( Letter head request, Franch express docket copy, Invoice, E way bill )


No action has been taken till date even after several requests.


Request you to reply on or before 28/01/2019.


Please respond.

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