Genial Holiday Club — misbehave by himanshu


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Yesterday 20.02.2019 we had a call from genial holiday and they requested us to join their evening seminar. Initially i refused to go but they kept on calling and requesting to visit.


At last we agreed and visited the same evening following with worst experience and worst peoples.


We can say them as minded thief who used to convince or manipulate peoples to get their business.


We met with Himanshu who was literally don’t know how to deal with customer. He used abuse language like illiterate people.


As per him this is company’s protocol that we should take decision to join or not on the table but my question is …why we decide on the table..why we didn’t take 24-48 yrs to take decision.. it clearly shows that the company is fraud…


When we told him that we need atleast 24hrs, he used abuse language with us.if he was polite and he knew how to deal customer in right way..may be we accept to join membership.


Please take quick action against Himanshu as this type of person doesn’t being a part of growth of company .These are the part to finish and remove the company as well.

Geeta Pankaj Gandotra 5 years 0 Answers 245 views 0

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