Great Holiday Club fraud company, please don’t invest your hard earned money in this company


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Hello, i’m priya gudekar. I actually have been approached by the nice vacation club members, named navin and offered United States free membership of nice vacation club while not amc in conjunction with gift vouchers in mahabaleshwar in 1st week of dec 2018.

However once we wish to browse the applying kind they cant afford United States the time to browse conjointly told United States that this is often simply paper formality and that we shall not be charged any cash towards amc charges. we tend to had not paid the money at that point and request them to decision United States on evening, however navin has refused and offered United States discount in membership of five years in precisely rs 60000/- rather than rs one lakhs.
At that point we tend to dont have full cash, thus my husband has paid them rs thirtyk by revolving credit and balance 30 k on twenty fifth dec 2018. when few days we tend to had received decision from Goa workplace and that we had confirmed the membership.
By the time, we tend to were came to urban center and that we search the corporate name on google. Then we tend to realized that, this company isn’t sensible, they cheated the money and there service isn’t sensible as compare to his committement. At that point we tend to had not received any membership subscription packet or card.
My husband known as them to off the membership send them emails however they dont correct reply. the woman name jen, she told United States that, if you’ve got drawback, you confirmed United States before the confirmation decision. And among two — three days we tend to had received the identity card of rs three0k containing the membership of twelve days in 3 years. (Which is confirmed solely on the call)

I had requested them to off the membership. They told United States, there square measure cancellation policy and that they cut rs 20000/- and came United States rs ten, 000/- only.
I had requested to jenny (Goa workplace representive) to please amendment the times.. we tend to cant pay amc. rather than amc charges, please regulate the times and provide United States the package.. we tend to requested them to please build nine days arrange and regulate the amc charges.. however until the date, they dont have replied United States. I had send them the mail containing that, can lodge a grievance against them in client forum if they dont replied. however still they dont replied United States.
Now, my concern is that if we tend to dont paid full cash, however will they send United States identity card, conjointly they’d not taking my permission before causation identity card of rs 30000/-. however at that point, i had unnoticed all my issues and requested them to alter the travel days.. however once more they cant send United States correct reply…
I am tired currently to career them once more and once more… And currently we tend to don’t seem to be able to compensate in days and that we cant needed membership of this company.. we wish our full cash.. I cant waste my hard-earned cash on such a fallacious company UN agency creating full to peoples.
I am requesting to client forum, please off the licence of this fraud company UN agency creating choked with peoples and chastised them. Also, i’m greatly appreciative of client forum if my cash came from them.

Thanks & regards
Priya gudekar

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    We got the membership effective on 2017
    Then we tend to within the month of 2018 we tend to ask for a booking however it ne’er matured with all excuses

    Now once more we tend to try for a vacation for could 2018
    Again they’re not providing as secure in Gregorian calendar month 2017

    All these facts replicate the fraudulent nature of the club

    As such I might as already mail-clad to their e-mail id a complete refund of my payment that is rs fifty, 000/= with none any excuses and delays

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