Great vacation Club nice holidays club is fraud company and misbehaves with public


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Hi am tarun got a decision from mob. around late afternoon 3pm on 17/12/2017 from one priya thakur explicit  to be the manager of nice holidays ltd and line from saket mall and requested ME to come back to their place for a few gift voucher as my name has been elect, since sunday i used to be very little reluctant however on her request managed hesitatingly to present tentative temporal arrangement for five pm to come back to them. sadly couldn’t manage the temporal arrangement to come back to because of some family emergency work and had to travel to somewhere. Around five pm got a decision from from that girl priya thakur that i did not choose the decision because of busy in different work.

Around five pm got a decision from one rohit chaudhary explicit  to be manager and known as ME to come back at any price to their place, i replied that i’m preoccupied and cannot return at the instant. He was terribly abusive and misbehaved over phone to ME that why i committed to come back if some work was there. I told because of some pressing work i could not manage to come back. He yelled something, i told that i’ll return once a pair of hrs time once i free from work. once more he yelled and misbehaved and cut the road. once a pair of hrs time around after I known as back his range  wasn’t accessible and known as the sooner range , one raju picked up the phone and told all square measure passed by that point.

These square measure fraud company as i checked from this website. If individuals do not communicate be entrapped they move like this and if turned to be entrapped they dupe them something.

So all square measure alerted to watch out in coping with of these case something fraud of monetary dealings forthwith book them with native police with none delay.

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