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I tried booking tickets from Ranchi(IXR) to Bangalore(BLR) on 30th March’2018 through happyeasygo.com for which I made three transactions.


The transactions showed as failed 2 times and third time it showed success and ticket was booked. But for all three transactions the money was debited from my account of Rs 1620 each. Below are the details of the transactions that was debited from my account.


Transaction 1 – Payment done through OLA money (shown as failed).

Transaction 2 – Payment done through HDFC credit card (shown as failed).

Transaction 3 – Payment done through HDFC netbanking (shown as success and I got the tickets).


After this I called their customer care no.[protected] and told him all the details that money got deducted 3 times from my account (1 success + 2 failed transactions) and I’ll be getting two refunds 1 in OLA money and 2nd in the HDFC credit card to which they looked into this and told me they have initiated the refund and I’ll get within 7-10 days.


Later on 31st March’2018, I got my refund of Rs1620 in my OLA wallet and waited for next 7-10 days to recieve refund on my HDFC credit card.


I started calling again the customer care no. One guy picked and I told him everything for which he told he has forwarded to concerned team and to wait for few days.


Later on 26th April, I got mail from them that they’ve refunded the money and will not be able to process it to which I again called customer care and they told to send a mail with all details to cs@happyeasygo.com. I send mail with all details along with all bank statements, sms screen shots and credit card statement.


Later on 30th April’18, I got mail from them that they haven’t recieved the money from my HDFC account and I need to check with HDFC bank. I checked with HDFC bank and they responded – the money was successfully processed to merchant account.


I forwarded the HDFC response to their customer care for which they are not responding and everytime telling me to wait for 48-72 hours and now it’s been one and half month still waiting my refund. Today I called their customer care and I got same response to wait for few days.


I am attaching the screenshots of account statements, credit card statement and the SMS for all three transactions for your reference along with the HDFC creti card team response.


It is the worst customer service I’ve ever faced in my life.


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