HBL international application of unfinished a final settlement


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Respected Sir/Ma’am

I Mrs.Archana Manikrao Chavhan ex-employee of HDB FINANCE LTD, DINDORI BRANCH, operating in HDB FINANCE Mastercard department and my worker id is a32837. I be part of the HDB FINANCE LTD, Dindori Branch on   and Resigned my job on because of some personal reason I quite my job. 

I am penning this application for concerning a final settlement and before resign my past a pair of month incentives square measure unfinished therefore as per the banks terms and condition or policy wise the ultimate settlement and incentive are going to be pay when three month of my resigned therefore until currently I didn’t get my pay quantity.

Kindly tell Pine Tree State after you can pay my quantity or until what quantity time it’ll take.

Thanking you.

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