HDFC – equity credit line — not refunding cash and unethical behaviour


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[30 nov] : submitted post dated cheques in conjunction with ach kind at the time of disbursement.

[7 dec] : i received the mail from hdfc bank worker that cheques and ach kind has been misplaced. Please send the mail to cancel the cheques.

I sent the mail for cancelling the cheques.

Then i used to be asked to pay on-line through payment link shared by bank worker. I paid the emi on-line and asked to activate ach for future emi.

I received the mail with message “noted”.

[13 feb] : i charged for late payment. that was the results of seventh dec. Incident.

[9 march]: i sent mail to hdfc bank worker for refund the additional quantity i acquired late payment and director approved over mail to waive off the quantity.

But later bank worker says we will not refund already paid quantity.

I have sent multiple emails to hdfc bank and still issue isn’t resolved.

Now they’re spoken communication if i do not pay current month emi then i will be able to get late payment fee on current month in addition.

Please let Maine understand if you would like any email copy.

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