HDFC Life miscommitment by policy bazaar government time of merchandising the policy


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Last year I actually have purchased a policy of hdfc life click to speculate through policy bazar. My policy no is 20323690. Wherein, I actually have registered a grievance to hdfc client care to mister. Praveen patnakar  concerning the incorrect specifications concerning the policy.


I was told that i’ll get the double quantity of my investment of rs. 60000/- when completion of 5 years of protection amount with this policy. tho’ it’s for ten years, when 5 years if i would like i will put off the whole deposited quantity.


I was presupposed to receive hardcopy concerning the updates of my premium however since the policy is taken, i didn’t receive any of the text & any data from either policy bazar or hdfc.


Very late through mister. Praveen patnakar, I actually have come back to understand that my monthly premium of rs. 1000/- is being shared by hdfc & policy bazar wherever three hundred rs. Is being compound to policy bazar as a commission & balance of rs. 700 goes to hdfc.


Such data isn’t shared to create my call for not taking the policy.


It was conjointly told by mister. Patnakar that i’m not attending to get double quantity at the time of five years completion, it’s going to be the premium deposited (Rs. 60, 000/-), lease giver or could slightly higher. there’s no certainty & it depends completely on the market.


I raised my grievance to bimalokpal however not glad with their resolution. an individual United Nations agency was representing my case has given ME associate unconducive resolution. He place the proposal of taking another policy wherever the paid premium are attributable maturity able to|i’ll} be able to avail it. except for taking my but a year premium once more I actually have to deposit rs. 30, 000/- for the policy means that once more I actually have to be inconvenient happen if i couldn’t pursue any the policy because of money such a scenario able to|i’ll} not be able to recover any of the policy amounts.


The question is why i ought to be suffered for policy supplier company & their associates’ wrongdoing?


My monthly premium was rs. 1000/- of the above-said policy.


It is a really serious issue. The banking corporations square measure outsourcing their work to different service supplier corporations like policy bazar for the gathering of funds whereby, they’re is-committing the purchasers for merchandising the policy because of that the purchasers face terribly serious issues.


They are being cheated . I request you to resolve my drawback ME refund my paid quantity against my policy with compensation. i’ll be terribly grateful to you.


Thanking you,


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Sarwan kumar

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