Health Manttra — fraudest scheme


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


They forced us to buy their diamond plan by pressuring so much and by showing all colors. All the nice talking was only till the payment was done. Once the payment was done there were no responses at all. All rude conversations from the staff/callers. Every time they have new reasons and rules for you to understand. One you have paid them it’s like a web and you hardly get any facilities nor your money back. Their trick is to get money from you and don’t respond to your calls nor emails (All non working/fake email id’s) for so long. And then say the refund period is completed.

All the health check up’s or the vouchers all are eye washing techniques and they are of no use at all.


Beware with panakaj and paramjeet who change their statements every now and then and suddenly make the callers say they are not in the country.

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