Hyundai Motor Bharat the means hyundai service center try and harassing ME


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My automotive is with Hyundai service center from quite three weeks. Service center rumored ME there’s some noise within the automotive steering on last Tues and that i have visited the service center for an equivalent. There was no such fault or noise within the automotive once I even have two-handed over to the service center. I’m the sole one who drive this automotive and that i have left my automotive within the service center on Sunday, Aug 18th. automotive steering was completely fine until that point. Service center has additionally verified everything in my automotive before taking the automotive in their management. Service center provided ME the receipt for an equivalent yet and it’s with ME. currently they’re reaching to deliver the automotive to ME with broken automotive steering. They additionally claimed automotive can’t be driven during this position. What shall I do with the broken automotive, that can’t be driven? They able to replace the broken half and asking ME to purchase it. I don’t perceive however can they create ME chargeable for the service center mistakes? Company is asking ME to pay thirty, 000 federal agency for his or her mistake and broken happened among the service center. I feel terribly unhealthy whereas putting this on ink nigh service center is forcing the value on ME and check out to harass ME and my family. they struggle to spent/waste longer so i will be able to be force to raise them to switch this half and purchase it.


I have talked to a service center and that they currently started clamming, the automotive steering had issue from the time they received the automotive. this can be utterly untruth and check out to step back from their own responsibility and check out to cover the reality. Hyundai service center try and harass ME by damaging my automotive, forcing ME to purchase the injury and drawback I’m facing while not my automotive. automotive deliver commitment date was August twenty seventh and there’s a delay by quite ten days already.


This is my request to the present panel to supply ME the acceptable resolution otherwise i will be able to be forced to require the action on Hyundai and repair center.




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