ICICI Bank Personal Loan — For miss selling of personal loan / fraud in disbursing loan / cheating & harassing customer


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I have applied for a personal loan from icici bank. Approved loan amount is Rs. 100000/- for 3 years and for this I have to give 36 cheques of amounted rs. 3604/-.

I have given these cheques to your sales executives and they told me the loan amount would be disbursed to me with in 5 or 6 days after cutting of processing fees. But I got this loan amount cheque amount rs. 95118 by DD no: 017887 dated 22/01/2008. but this amount was not committed to me.

So after receiving the cheque I have discuss this to you and you told me that your loan was approved for just Rs. 96000/- and for this you have to pay 3604/- per month EMI for 36 months.

But bank’s sales executives told me that loan was approved for amounted rs. 100000/- and they have taken the cheques of rs. 3604/- for loan amount rs. 100000/- but actually EMI of rs. 3604/- is for loan amount rs. 96000/- I think there may be fraud / miss selling with me.

At ICICI Customer care, Mr. Vijay Bhasker told me that you loan was approved for amounted rs. 98000/-, for this I have to give 36 cheques of amount rs. 3504/-.


I had visited your sales office at ferozepur for complaint regarding this but they have not take my complaint letter and managers are also told them to not receive this letter.


now i have not disburse the loan amount but they started debited EMI of rs 3504/- from my account as my cheque was amounted rs 3604 but they manuplate the cheques and did my signature on cheque and make this amounted rs 3504 instued of 3604.


now no person is approachable, on customercare not any E mail id is helpful to me. i am not able to connect to the authorised personal who can solve my peroblem .

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