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I too am victim of the same modus operandi being used by icici bank officials to fraudulently sell insurance policies by tricking innocent old senior citizens instead of making their hard earned pension corpus into fixed deposits. I visited my icici bank branch sector 11 panchkula on 14th august’17 to seek investment advise for post retirement benefit schemes with my pension corpus money. Two officials of icici bank mr prashant chauhan at previledge banking desk and ms tejvinder kaur at the senior citizens desk met me. I requested them that i want to invest my retirement pension corpus money into good post retirement plans to get me regular interest for our maintenance. Instead of investing my hard earned money into post retirement benefit or fixed deposit they both tricked me to better make investment into a so called tax saving deposit scheme named elite super plan.. They never disclosed it to be a insurance policy. They convinced us by tricky cheating modus operandi to invest hefty amounts rs 5 lakhs into my name i. E. Sudesh kumar sood and rs.2 lakhs in name of my wife sapna sood. Claverly they took my mobile phone and answered to the so called call also. We never knew that it was call from the insurance company and unknowingly they were agreeing to it’s terms and conditions on our behalf by cheating us. When we received our so called policy documents. We were surprised to go through it’s terms and conditions,, which were contary to what we were told. We immediately contacted mr prashant chauhan icici official and apprised him that we were never interested to buy an insurance policies. We surrended the policies with him and requested our immediate refunds. But he told us that ms. Tejvinder his manager can only take the decision who was not available. We remained in constant touch with him. We apprised him of 15 days free look in period. But he never took the matter regarding our surrendering the policies with the higher authority. There was internet and mobile disruption at panchkula due to arrest of ram rahim since 25/8/17… The services remained disrupted for days together. We again and again visited icici branch to enquire about cancellation and refund case unknowingly that both officials were lapsing the 15 days free look period.

After the situation calmed both the officials along with mr deepak nirwani said to be local manager from icici prudential insurance visited our residence at sector 21 and showed their inability to refund. Since i smelled something wrong i called the customer care number and detailed about the whole matter. The lady attending call advised me to make complaints on lifeline through email.. Which i did… Next. The whole story is similar as discussed in my earlier mail and under mentioned post the corporate office at mumbai is not doing justice and showing their inability for refund and saying that if we are unable to pay future hefty premiums the whole amount will go to dp fund and only saving account interest will be accured after deducting premium lapse charges. How can we pay hefty premiums out of our meagre pensions. The so called agents have been successful in grabbing hard earned money of senior citizen by adoption of their modus operandi of cheating and fraud.

Today i visited the icici branch and came to learn that both officials named above have been asked to quit and since left the branch. But what about refund of my money.

Manager says it’s corporate office mumbai to take decision…!!!

In the above connection it’s requested that justice be done to refund my hard earned money immediately. If we will not receive our money back within 2 weeks we will have to seek redressal through the court of law.. And all the court expenses along with interest on deposits and compensation for causing mental tension will be borne by the icici bank. Hoping for a favourable response at your earliest.

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