Indigo Airlines — regarding refund of my expenses from lucknow to delhi due to the airline inconvenience.


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This indecent is very much disappointing with the Airline company Indigo.

We had a booked flight from Lucknow to Bangalore on the 10th of Feb 2018 at 8:35 am in the morning. We got a call at 2:00 am from airline saying that flight got cancelled due to some internal reasons. After that when we told them to rescheduled it to next available flight they could not do that. they kept us busy in the call for the entire night because we had to go at the same day to Bangalore due to some official emergency.

Even they did not provide any connecting flight to us. After spoiling whole night we have to take the flight from Delhi to ranchi and from ranchi to Bangalore, for which we had to travel to Delhi from Lucknow and had to spent our 16000 rupees on the cab so that we can reach delhi at the time. That was really very disappointing act by the Airline company like Indigo.

Now what indigo will do, i want the money back which i had to pay to the cab to reach delhi from Lucnkow.

This was really very frustrating moment.I am surely gonna post this thing on the social midia also so that every one in the future think twice for taking Indigo service.

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