Indira Gandhi National Open University no smart response from ignou university


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I signed up for Ignou throughout the Gregorian calendar month 2018 session. They were terribly uncooperative at the regional centre in South state. once the session was to own begun in Gregorian calendar month they extended the registration dates till Oct thirty first and begun the categories in Oct.


They delayed providing the study material that I received in could 2019 a month before my communicating that was postponed to Gregorian calendar month. currently they need even delayed declaring the results. The news rumored that IGNOU has declared the results however after I checked my grade card it shows that my subject continues to be underneath the method of being completed. nowadays is September nine and my Gregorian calendar month communicating results for 1st year BA have still not been declared.


I asked Regional Center Panaji concerning why they were delayed, they responded with “matter not handled by United States of America, forwarding question to SED department”. no one answered my grievance on why they delayed however, is that the SED sleeping over our assignments and answer sheets?


During the Judgment Day of my communicating the teacher wasn’t even management the category, she was simply scrolling through her phone, and that i was speculative why did I even be a part of this University.


Other faculties have already started second year and have nearly reached its finish and i am here expecting my first year results to be declared.


Also before the1st year exams may be answered IGNOU forced all students to recruit for second year while not responsive the primary year exams.

And so I did recruit, like several others did, however books and materials have still not however reached ME.


Kudos to IGNOU for with success robbing all of it’s students’ time, cash and energy once it does not even operate properly. It’s accolades and awards square measure questionable, if I attempt Gyan Darshan, it does not work. I regret change of integrity this University! I actually do. does not operate a sort of correct University in the slightest degree. does not hold correct categories for the themes. Students square measure left to argue themselves as this University does not provide any facilitate.


How long can they steal cash of others and not give them the education and repair they secure they might and be happy? Shame on them. I am penitent of this University.

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