Indraprastha Gas restricted [Igl] relinquishing of pipe birthing charges


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Dear Sir,


My BP numbers square measure. . Name is Sandeep Malhotra R/o C-23, inexperienced Park Extension. capital of India 110016. Tel      . I had requested for cancellation of my each connections in 2017 September as my house was being rebuilt.


My each connections were placed in safe custody and my 12000/- deposit was additionally not refunded. currently for the asking for two new associations on an equivalent address I even have been forced to pay 2000/- every|for every} connection as safe custody charges and charged 3800/- each for birthing of previous pipes.


This is not right the a part of IGL.

KIndly facilitate.

Sandeep Malhotra

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